Monday, July 24, 2006

prayer for others

ok this is a random picture i took at dendenong mountains with my phone.some say it looks like an album cover.but i think its a dodgey picture.....where did my eyes go?lol! the sky was great tho....somehow it fits...somehow...

so anyway im juz here to take back what i said earlier alrite...since i said suz was different and i got shoes and tomatoes thrown at me.i will juz say she was hot that day.....see! i said it! or spitted it out in niki's words.hahaha ballroom is me....hahah i even found myself dancin with a pillar at carribean gardens...ahahah! u wont be interested untill u start....and when u start.,,,u juz cant stop....its a drug! now me and suz goin thru withdrawal....hahah im makin myself sound like an addict!

k k so today was another ordinary day, preparing for an extraordinary day....u would understand if u were there yesterday when joseph swan wasnt a story this time but boy was it a good message! i believe there is a fan club of his in our church nw.i liked it when he said if u feel that ur time is up and its time for the younger ones to take over,then y not ask God to take u to heaven since there is nothing else for u to do here on earth.....hahaha but im so glad that the people in our church especially the older generation are setting good examples in being active in church and all...really respect that.

as for the youth,i feel there is potential but its still being groomed....the fire comes and the hide it under the bowl...and due to lack of time, it just dies out......slowly as time goes by, the lid will be taken off to a point where it shines for others to see.

self reflection.sometimes i wonder why i do the things i do.why do i lift my hands up to worship?is it becuz i was taught to do so since young?is it becuz others were doin it and i din wanna feel left out?is it becuz of recognition?or maybe lifting up hands shows how holy u are?or is it becuz i juz wanna surrender all..without any other extra motives?

do i put prayer meeting first or do i put studies first?what if i have homework that needs to be handed in the next day?how much do i trust God?do i trust him with my studies?God, i realise now that whenever i put u 1st before my studies,before my appointments, i realise that wierd things happen.Teachers would suddenly go on leave,or post-pone the date of the homework or SAC.God, i wonder if my friends ever experience what i experienced.I wonder if they trust u as much as i do.God it was at those moments when i decided i had to put studies in replacement of my time with u that i realise i did a whole lot worst.I realise now that it wasnt me all this while who had achieved the good grades and results.It was my dependency on you.God, u have answered most of my prayers and i wonder if u have done it for my friends.God, i pray that u will be so real to the people around me as u have been to me.No more will they FEEL what u have to say but that they will now KNOW what u said.God i pray this day not for u to bless me, but for You to bless those who needs it.Lord its time for me to bless you back with what i got.equip me i pray.

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