Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ive been in australia for quite some time now....and i realize how different it is from Malaysia. One obvious culture shock is the maturity of the people here especially in church.Even at the age of 13-15, they are at leadership post and are confident in leading people older than them.They do so much at such young age,even worshipping on stage on sunday morning service.What a culture shock. In comparison to MAlaysia,we sort of leave the leadership to the people above 21's...altho it is not a law, but somehow we juz end up that way.Even to worship lead on sunday service in msia was so hard juz to get a 20ish guy/girl to song lead. Everyone thinks they are inadequate,but untill we realise that, then only will we know that God is in control.If u think u can worship lead cuz u r capable of doing it,u r doing it by ur own strength.It is through our weakness, God shows forth his strength.

I also can recall what we in msia do at the age of 13-15.It was the season when every one was asking "what is love?".it sounds soooo profound but the answer is in 1 John 3:16.hahah easy peasy.and at that age we msians go round "i think he /she likes me" kinda thing. hahaha It is just such a big contrast to the culture in australia.maybe its the food they eat..ahhahah

You know something i juz wanna share is about swearing.IT must be a shock to u if i said i never sweared before.impossible?nah.....i thank my parents for bringing me up that way.Some things that diddnt make sense when i was young,rules i never understood how it will help me in the past,but now when ive grown up i still don see the logicness behind it,but what i do see is what i am today.I thank God for godly can only think of two verses, Matt 5:37 and James 5:12.It both basically says the same thing, If u swear, u will be condemned! let your "yes" be "yes" and let ur "no" be "no".What does it mean? well if u were to tell the truth the whole time,what need is there to swear?And if u have made promises with God in the past, fulfill it! let ur "yes" be "yes" and let ur "no" be "no".And do you know that if u say "you fool!" u will be in danger of hell too?am i making this up? check Matt 5:21.God says that u cant judge people,cuz they do not belong to u,they belong to the creator, juzt as u are.Anyone who is angry with his brother would be subject to judgement(Matt 5:22). Then u may say oh,this is our culture......bla bla bla.......and then here comes Sean with ROmans 12:2 which says in NLT version "Dont become so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.Instead fix your attention on God.You'll be changed from the inside out...Unlike the culture around you,always dragging you down to its level of immaturity,God brings the best out of you,develops well-formed maturity in you".

So many a times we pick scriptures that we like in the bible, but its time to read and understand the bible as it is and not compromise any part of it.Its about time we stood for what is right.Its about time!

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