Thursday, January 17, 2008


hmm update on myself.

physically : not fat, neither slim
mentally : same...
spiritually : doing lots of bible studying lately... some parts are still hard to understand
emotionally : strong, independent,
socially :learning to talk and "handle" a range of different people
Waiting : Steph to come down to aus(feb). to start uni.
Hoping : Aiyuen would come to aus.Nikki to get a job at three.Enough money to pay my uni fees. God to take me higher.
Aiming : best student in radiography.double my pace in Christianity. more independent financially

1 comment:

_uniki said...

wahahaha! yayyyy!!!
im hoping i get a job at 3 too! wahahaha rock on! thanks for all the trouble you've gone to for my job application!