Monday, January 28, 2008

Choices ...

Whats the lay down? It all started back when I was 9..i had PTS. It was an exam to see if youre smart enough to jump a year level. Was it pressurizing?no. I diddnt care.

Then UPSR came along.I was 12.I felt the heat....only a bit. I wanted a good high school. I applied for English College and i got in. I was glad that they accepted my results.

Then PMR came when I turned 15. This was the exam that could determine if i qualified for the science stream. I felt the pressure and for the 1st time, I studied(last 3 months b4 exam). I got into science stream and what did I do after that? laze around.

SPM arrived sooner than I thought.I was17.This could determine...nothing actually. Weather I did well or not, I was going to Australia. I sat back and relax.

2 years after that it was VCE.19 yrs old at this point. I realised how important this was.It would determine my future...literally.I was pressured. And for the 2nd time in my life...I studied(whole year of 2007). It was intense.I diddnt know what course to do because the course would ultimately determine my future career. 1st hurdle was to pick a course...2nd hurdle was to qualify for it. In the end I got it.

So i am on the road I happy?yes and no. Now i am wondering what to do after my Bachelor. Should i go masters or take up medicine. From a million paths that were laid before me before it is narrowed down to two.I see a split road at the end of my 4 year bachelor degree.At least now its 2 choices but it is still hard to make.

option 1 : stick to my bachelor degree and be content with it. Starting pay = $35 per hour. which works out to be about $75 000 a year

option 2 : taking up masters and doing ultrasound.Part time course, 3 years. Ends up being a sonographer. starting pay $50-60 per hour. Work out to be about $120 000 per year

option 3 : taking up bachelor of medicine. full time course, 4 years.Ends up becoming a radiologists. Pay = i have no idea. Some say 200 000, some say 300 000 , some say half a million per year. Actual amount? clueless.

what this gives me? headache. and i have not even started my course.Am i thinking too far?yes. Am i worried?no. Am i confused?yes. Currently leaning to just do masters.Unless and until I find out the actual amount of a radiologists salary, I will lean towards masters.

What this tells me? There will always be choices in life.But it is up to you to make that choice available for you.Does choices get easier?no.Does it get tougher?no. Choices varies.

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_uniki said...

wahahaha, dude, if you go for option 1, you might still double my annual income! hope you find what your looking for...hope its not money.

hope educational workers get paid mroe in the future! wahahaha. 45k is our annual average, unless you work in a snobfest private school that people pay with their souls to get into! wahahaha, mb that was just gets very rediculous!