Monday, January 21, 2008



So it begins....
well i wont go through the full story. i'll spare the readers the details lol.
but we have gone through alot diddnt we?

I first talked to you on msn after PMR .we were comparing results and telling each other how much money we received just because of our PMR results.well we met probably in 2004 and i dunno how we ended up going down the same diddnt even see that coming.....

you were my daughter at one stage and i was your looking back at it, i must say that was a smooth tactic you had there tasha.ahha

yes we had some very rough times but it thought us patience and maturity.yes, there were some mistakes along the way but we managed to learn from them.

I would like to take this time to say sorry.sorry for the permanent scars that were made.sorry for putting you through so much.sorry for the actions i did that left you bleeding emotionally. I do not regret knowing you but I regret the things i did.Some decisions that i made were not the best but yet you supported me all the way. I realize now how selfish and self-centered I was and I hope you forgive me for that.If I had in any way been the cause of your deterioration in studies..I am truly sorry.

Thank you for playing a big role in my life.I have learned so much within that 2 years of my life and I hope u did too.Now I am residing in Australia and youre in the US.Time difference only allows me to chat with u at unorthodox hours.

I am really glad that you came to know Christ and I hope He will continue to guide you.I can see that you'll be a really good mother one day.I know everyone says that but its true.haha

I hope one day we can meet again and catch up on will surely be interesting.

Anyway thanks for everything...thanks for your support, thanks for your understanding, thanks for all the letters u made, gifts you bought, thanks for playing a big part of my life, thanks for everything!!.

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