Monday, January 21, 2008



well let me introduce you to the one and only twin sister!ahha.
we met in 2003... and we never knew how similar we were until end of last year.
We have the same train of thoughts...same likings....same characteristics....same response to situations.It was getting freaky, so i got to a point where i wanted to find something different between us. So i asked the wisest question.."how many times did you go to the toilet today?" I was almost certain it would be different but guess was the same number of! freaky!

Im guessing that God put very similar genes into us which explains how we think alike.
tho we may not look the same(tho we both have small eyes)...ahhaha but it has been a great journey going through life together with you.our study achievements are quite similar... our "partners" were similar in so many ways.... and our knowledge on the word of God are pretty much the same.and funnily we both wanna do missions.
ok twin,...i don't know why God made a duplicate of me in a form of a girl...i always thought 1 sean was enough for this world to handle lol.

I thank you for encouraging and helping me when i was down.always including God in the picture whenever i miss it.always reminding me of God whenever i neglected it. you are certainly someone that I enjoy discussing the bible with.really really hope u'll be coming down to Melbourne to further your studies.It was a regret not getting to know u more while i was still in JB .

All the best in the days ahead and may God's outstanding glory continue to shine through your life as a testimony unto others. don't have to change one bit, you're a perfect example for many for just being who you are right now.

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