Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Li Yen

Li Yen

Together with his sister, sing rhu I knew him at a very very young age.
One of my closest friends in church and never regretted it.

We had a "gang" back in lower primary was me , you and Benjamin ..ahah
played alot and had heaps of fun.We were in the children's choir, we did children's church plays, we hated fong yee and we were young..ahahah

but soon years passed and as expected, everything changes.

what can I say about you? friendly, smart and really hard working. Be confident of yourself because you can achieve things that people can reach higher because you are capable of it. you can play and also study at the same time and still produce excellent results.Your determination to do well is outstanding.

But do not let your success distance you from God. by your own effort, you only can achieve so much ,but with God, there is so much more. Know that circumstances can change in an instant but God is the same yesterday today and forever.

Hopefully we will meet again sometime soon..
All the best~!

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