Monday, October 02, 2006


i have so much to write, being absent for one week. its all penned down but i guess i would have to halt all those post for this special one.

The first time i came down to melbourne i could remember going out to a malaysian shop for food. I remember chatting with pas. Teoh and one thing he told me was to guard my heart at all times.He told me that there are many influences here but I should guard myheart at mind at all times at all cost.

Then i remember going out fishing...which is the first time i ever fished.and how we laugh about wherever pas. teoh is the fishes run away....hahah..i also recall instances when i would greet him in church and to see that ever ceasing smile....

All i can say is he has finished his race.He has fulfilled his will here on earth.His life was nothing short of a sucess.The family itself shows forth how sucessfull in his life as a father he was.Having all the children serving God is something everyone struggle with but he led with example.Through servanthood, he leads.....

Everyone thinks it wasnt time yet but time wasnt in our hands since the beginning of life.No one can control time...only God.Only he was able to stop the sun from going down while the isrealites were fighting.God's ways are higher than our ways.The most important thing in life then is not worrying about when would we leave this earth but rather "are we ready to meet God?".

A life worth reflecting on....a life reflecting Christ...
May you rest in peace

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