Sunday, March 09, 2008

placing the pieces

It starts now. finally....

the red light went off and the green light shone. not the brightest, but still visible.

finally, all the preperation made sense. finally the pieces of the puzzle for the last 10 years could be seen being put together.each placed nicely forming a picture.

the picture is not complete, but at least i can see where it is heading now.

some parts im uncertain but at least part of the picture is fixed, i know what pieces to put alongside it now....

now take me from here, to the place where I am destined to be. Let me exceed your expectations God.Let me fulfill the destiny that was coded in me before i was brought to this world. Let me grabhold of it and not be shaken by circumstances.Through you will I achieve the impossible. Through you, this earth will change.

I dream BIG....because my GOD is BIG!

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