Wednesday, March 05, 2008


my scheduelle could not be any worse than this.
monday 9-4
tuesday 9-2
wednesday 9-6
thursday 9-6
friday 9-4

erm hello? its uni~! isnt it suppose to be relaxing while having less contact hours at the same time?
funny how i chose this course thinking it would be the easiest course in the world having just to push a button to take an x-ray and poof u get money for it..haha

now i realize how wrong i was. well i took my 1st x-ray today. that was pretty easy. wonder why they made life so difficult by expecting us to learn
how to make x-rays
how x-rays work,
knowing every bone , joint and muscles in our body
interpreting x-rays
learning about the chemicals in our body.

basically from what im learning, i could basically build a ct scan or an x-ray machine when i finish this course. not forgetting becoming a doctor and a physiologist at the same time. I always get the hard subjects dont i.

well on the good side of it, there's double the amount of girls in comparison to the boys in my class =p. well the term "girls" and "boys" is pretty naive considering the fact we have some adults in our class.

i need space. i need time to breathe. 2nd week and im already struggling. Im not struggling to keep up, im just struggling to find time to breathe

im burnt


Shannon said...

told u not to burn urself out d right?? but i guess you really dont have much of a choice...

*cheers* remember HE does give you the strength to do all things...

oi,i thought u said u wont be looking for a gf till u are like 21???

how come suddenly like looking for a girl desperately?? LOL

_uniki said...

WAHAHAHA! oh yea!dude what happened to the 21 rule?

ohh mann, ive got 16hours and im still think it might be too much!
and i work like minimum 20hours a week...i now see the mistakes of listing my "availability" so surely.

oh bugger...

cнєяуℓ тєoн said...

oooooh!!! that's so much worse than highschool! and how can you fit work into that as well??? o.0