Sunday, March 02, 2008


how was my wedding? well...sorry chez...there wasnt any of my "type" there. speaking of my "type", i have only met two of them while working as a sales representative. well there was one girl who was younger than me by a year... how do i know their age? well i love my job. ahha in my line of work, i get to know everything about them...from birthdates to bank accounts and credit cards whether they are single,available,married or having a partner. hahaha!

well this chick that was younger than me...but she was married. dang~!

oh wells life goes on~! ahaha.

while im still single, im enjoying my freedom.....yet something in me longs for something more. I dont think im ready, but I want to be ready.haha yet I want to be single. I enjoy playing this tug of war within me. I am aware of my confusion or am I confused of my awareness. ahah

God, please bring her in a box at my door step. It will make life so much easier.haha

maybe a label saying

To: Sean

Hope you enjoy this gift

From : God

That would be nice.And probably make my life much much easier.haha

NOt forgetting a warning sticker attached to the box saying :

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cнєяуℓ тєoн said...

ooo sean ah seann...
sorry she was married la! but hor arent you like 19 or something? does that make her 18 and married? whoah..

and you can dream all u want, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!