Thursday, August 03, 2006


It hurts.Everything i see around me just eats me from the inside.The land of the holy spirit.Where is the conviction of the Holy Spirit in the people here?Where is it? Are they too accustomed to their culture as to be immune to their convictions?What is christianity>? is it just to comfort u the rest of your life?make u feel good? help u overcome ur hurts,fears,pains,etc? Is that what christianity is all about?is that the reason u are a christian? What is ur foundation?

People here may be physically rich but spiritually poor.But first what is being rich? Is it money? but money was only introduced later on.It was a barter system at first.This means the defination of rich altered somewhere along the line.What is true riches?some translations of the bible says heavenly riches.Is it not our character that determines how rich we are?our sincerity?rich in love,rich in peace,etc.

One thing i hate is when people change the meaning of the verses of the bible to comfort themselves.If God says its wrong then its wrong! no use making up own definations on what God meant.If God says yes then its yes if God says no then its a no.Thats why Jesus says, if only we had a simple faith as a child.

People are serving God in so many ways,but for what purposes?Many have served out of convinience rather than sacrifice.It is a shame!prayer, being the foundation of christianity,the source of growth is being put down the list!people only come when they need prayer, or if not when they are not tied up.It is time to take up our stand and to realise God is 1st! How many times will i say that what u achieve in this world is just nothing, a waste of time!For we are aliens of this world, just passing through as the bible have said.It is time we practice what we preach,do what we say, walk the talk and not just talk the walk!

you say to ur brother how important it is to give to God during offering but you yourself do not give to God.Am i wrong but to say it is a blesphamy?a disgrace? Faith wothout works is dead! and in Luke 16:11 it says So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?...Then u may say but u earn the money urself without God.Here is a verse for u.Deuteronomy 8:18-Remember the lord your God,for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth. Its time we stop agreeing on the truth because even the devil knows the truth and agrees with it.It is time to act upon it!Wake up for goodness sake.

If life was all about u, to comfort u, to heal u, to bless u, u might as well call urself God and make everyone else slaves.Hey its not wrong to get all these...but it is time to move on! how are we going to get to step 2 if we are still at step 1 trying to comfort ourselves? i dare u to take the next step! stop comforting urself and get out to comfort others!

while we are whinning about our silly problems, people out there have just lost their parents, their child, their home in a war.Are u just going to sit there and pray to God saying "thank God im safe"??Come on! get over ur step 1 and start praying for the lost!praying for comfort.stop thinking about ourselves. Being humble is not about thinking of ourselves less but thinking less of ourselves. There are more people out there that are suffering ,more problems out there than just our minor problem.

Why is it o hard to see?Why?why?why? he who has an ear let him hear! If only ,if only we realise that we are fullfilling God's prophecy for the end times.If only u realise and take initiative to be part of it.The blessing u have has blinded u instead of empowering more prople.Open ur eyes! Oh God, open their eyes that they may see!Convict them that they may know! God, make them do what they tell others to do!
Do your work Lord, so your name will be glorified not only in us but throughout the land!

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