Friday, August 18, 2006


ok...this is going to be interesting.I was thinkin about gay.hahah no...don raise your eyebrows so high just yet.hahah suddenly i got a revelation....hahah which is funny...i will share it soon...

but first lets talk gay business..hmmm marriages has always been between a man and a woman.Why do people suddenly have gay marriages and stuff? The 1st time gay was introduced in the bible was during Lot's stay at Sodom and gemorah. it is in Genesis if you are in terested in reading it.And we all know what happened to it.....because of that....the whole city was destroyed.

Then what about a guy who comes up and say "hey i dunno man....but i kinda love that guy".YOu know what? I am here to tell you it is not wrong!even David loved jonathan more than any other the bible carefully. But you know what ...that was what brotherly love should be.It should be felt intimately....and in 1 John 3:16 it goes to the extend of dying for your own brother.Hey ...thats the love Jesus has been talking all the while. BUt the moment u misunderstand or misinterpret that love to be one of marriage and sexuality...that is sin.

You see....pure love does not involve a sexual love.because that is just temperamental. Pure love, unconditional love derives from our heart itself.Everyone, be it a murderer or your enemy....everyone is capable of loving.Everyone may not have similarities...different talents, different capabilities, but guess what! everyone is capable of loving.Everyone wants to be loved.

So if you hear a person say"i am gay, i cant help it, God made me this way"...just tell that person it is not true, it is just a battle of the mind. It may be hard to overcome it themselves but with God,ahha hey my God 1st man,...for through him all things are possible.

And then you begin to wonder, if now we have Gay and lesbians, what about in years to come?imagine people marrying animals just becuz they feel for them.....or even marrying toys...ahha hey im not joking about this.In taiwan, a guy actually married a barbie doll! hahah no im not lying get the full news at click here for full news

what has the world come to man......*rolls my eyes up*

And lastly the revelation i received why God did not intend gays or lesbians or whatsoever "special marriages" to exist is because.....drum rolls..........THE PARTS DONT FIT!! and there is a purpose why it doesnt fit! so get real....

haha...have a nice day!

yours truly annoying,

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