Saturday, August 05, 2006


CVC...hahah....just a background...cvc is a christian radio station which can be found all over asia...mainly asia pacific. there are millions of people listening to it.It isnt broadcast in australia tho..but u can still hear it over the net like what i am doing now. do visit to get more info

so why am i so excited? its because i am helping out by following up on people.non-christians who participate in the radio events like competitions held by the radio station and stuff. its a being a missionary without even stepping out of ur doorstep. People from all different cultures and backgrounds.its just exciting to get to realise how many people i can touch out there. talking about building a church without walls. ahahha

and evangelism can be done so easily with internet.i would soon be given an account where i can sms,email or send letter or even give gifts to those people in need.and all through the radio station.of course we have a liability and signed a contract/agreement to use the facilities with the right purposes and not our own benefit.Its all for God's glory as we don get anything in return. Its just the satisfaction of being able to be used by GOd .love it...juz love it...

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