Saturday, August 19, 2006

Science vs God

There are just so many things on my mind now.Sometimes i just wish everyone would be able to think the way i think,to see the way i see...i just wish that everyone was like me. I mean...sometimes we do wish that everyone would understand you, but no, we dont live in an ideal world.No one is perfect, just no i said before, it is just a wish that you know would never come true.An ideal world is a world where everyone is nice to you.but the reality is, the same person that is nice can one day turn their backs on you or even backstab you.No one behaves the way you want them too...becuz they too want you to behave the way they want you to. Its just a world of confusion and chaos.

I have been a science student for 3 years now.And one thing i realise is that no matter how science tries to explain certain aspects of life, it is just always a theory, a guess. It is never ever accurate. It is after all a theory not a fact.
I remember Galileo, the guy who said the planets revolve around the sun.Guess what, the church did not agree with him and had him thrown to isolation by the judge.This was becuz the church said it was blibically incorrect and thought everything revolves around the earth.Well first of all the bible did not say anything about that but the church used the bible/God's word in vain.They used it for their own purposes, for their own opinions.

This has then prompted me to think about the modern day society.Science in the modern world have all their knowledge based on theories.Like i said, theories are not facts or laws.It is just a theory.Ok lets start with this.This is how the scientist bible goes...

In the beginning there was a gas in space.Then suddenly there was a big explosion and all the rocks became stars and planets.Then life forms(ameoba) start going through evolution grew throgh meiosis and mitosis to the extend of becoming as big as dinosaurs.

I wouldnt go on further because this sounds silly itself.They try to dissapprove God's existance by coming out a theory like this...You know, one question i would ask is...who created the gas in the first place?They dont believe in a miraculous living God but from what i can say from their theory is that it takes a greater miracle for that to happen.

I have strong arguments on why evolution is not real.If ever someone argues with me about evolution, i'll make sure he picked the wrong guy. hahah One of the most contradictory thing in evolutionary-believers is when u ask them if their ancestors were monkeys, they hesitate to answer it.why? becuz if they say no...they are contradicting themselves....if they say yes....haha i'll juz say no wonder you look like one.hahaahah nah.....juz kidding...thats tight.ahhah i wonder if Michael Jackson will one day be a "proof" for evolution..ahhaha..he is more of going through the opposite way...from man to
Arguments why evolution is not real?Probably will share another day.But in this modern soceity, nobody believes that crap anyway.It is only those people who holds science as a religion...nerds.hahaha

Like i said, science is all about approximation.It is never accurate.even when they use carbon-12 to identify the age of certain archeological work,it is also an approximation. They assume that the half life of carbon is decaying at a constant is only an asumption.And that is as close as they can get.Everything in science is theories.

Even the planets in the solar system it is 12.As you can see, these are 3 new planets in the solar system.This would be added in the text books sooner or later.Nothing is ever constant, nothing is ever accurate.Believe it or not, the earth's moon is moving 1.5 inches away from the earth every year.That is why BBC has reported saying that the moon will soon be one planet by itself.

So why do we believe so much in science and yet doubt the word of God? why do we believe in something that is only theoretical rather than a fact? God's word has been proven through out the years.Even science has it facts changed as the years go by.But God's word has always been the same yesterday today and forever.Heaven and earth may pass away but God's word will still remain. When people hear of science facts, or even read the newspaper, they would just accept what have been stated.Why is it then when we read God's word we question God?Why? Which is more reliable?You decide.

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