Sunday, August 13, 2006


Friends.Are friends people we see often or are friends people we talk to?Is everyone a friend?What defines a friend to be a firend?MOst people would regard friends as people they had talk to before.Some even devide friends into different groups, such as best friend, good friend, just friend, or maybe enemies. So do we treat different groups differently? What about Jesus sayin about the good samaritan?about loving your enemies?

I dont remember Jesus having special groups of friends.he treated them all the same,all equally.He was close to the disciples, teaching them but yet he still treats the people with equal respect.I realise that people tend to make effort to make friends only when it benefits them.

If just say u are in a room.On your right is a table .sitting there are rich people and politicians.On your left u caught a glimpse of a begger sitting down, tryin to get some attention, some pity,hopefully a penny or two.What will u do?who will you rather talk to?who would u rather make a long term friendship? No, dont answer me on the basis of what you should do.but rather answer yourself what would you do if u were in that situation?answer yourself honestly.Seriously take a moment....and think about it before moving on...

Isnt it obvious that most of us have in a way judged certain groups of people?sometimes we see beggars as lazy people,not wanting to take effort to work.I believe it is true to a certain extend.why? because God also did place them there to see how you would react to it! Or has it never crossed your mind before.We say we do not judge others but our actions and lifestyle have already done that job for us.

God could have eliminated poverty.but why diddnt he?Jesus said that "the poor you will always have" in Matthew.Why? because if you read further when Jesus talked about the day of judgement, u realise why that God will ask " have u fed me when I was hungry?have u clothe me when i needed clothes?" Then u will ask "when did You ever needed clothes?when were You ever hungry?" Then God will say "the least You do unto them, you do unto me".

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