Saturday, August 12, 2006


I still believe on the fact that all people are made equal.And all should be treated matter what race or what background.Some people say im "dillusional" but i guess i have my stand that we are to treat each one the same way we treat ourselves.Matthew 22:39 says love your neighbour as yourself. one shoudnt be treated greater than another.For the least u do unto them is what u do to HIM.

I juz got back from a mission conference.And we all found this a fact.People who has been to mission trips to 3rd world countries or interriors tend to be more matured and have a different perspective of the things around them.People who have never been to these places tend to have a narrow mindset of what the world really is.Because exposure to the poverty of the world is an awakening thing.83% of the World's poverty were never reported.

But the thing is the perspective of people nowadays are just so narrow.imagine a boy from africa who has lived in poverty his whole life.He wouldnt pity himself.why? because that has been his life all this while.but as for us who have the luxury of being pampered in our comfort zone, we pity them because they live a poorer life comparitively to us.But for the boy, he doesnt know anything about poverty because that has been his life all this while.

what i am trying to say?People are now so accustomed to the riches of this world that they neglect the purpose of living on this earth.It is simply because they were not exposed to the needs around them.Exposure wasnt there.Its a sad but true situation.People are more interested in persuing their career ,having a good life but neglect the needs around them.

But first we need to equipt ourselves.I like what pas. tim goh said that day.We tolerate instead of love. it is so true in our society now.we tolerate each other instead of loving.his sermon was simply awesome.He also said that people nowadays lost the Hunger of knowing much do u know God besides Him being the God of love and coming to die for our sins?how much more than that do we know?

i remember saying this,so i would just quote myself again...

"HOw can we love without knowing HIM?How can we Know Him without reading the word?"

"It is just impossible to love someone without knowing that person.ANd how else can u know God but throught the bible?"

So what i am currently doing?since words must be accompanied with action, i shall then say what i have been doing thus far.First, it was amazing at camp. it was a turning point of my spiritul life.or should i say taking a giant leap.Since then, God has shown me visions and dreams followed by confirmations after confirmations.It was as if there were scales on my eyes before and now i see everything in a new perspective.I always lived a life that i knew God was there but never did i have such intimate moments.I studied the word of God thoroughly and have made my stand on where the bible stands.

Recently i became a helper for a christian radio station.Since then i have been actively following up on non-christians and building my network of friends.Evangelising to them slowly.It has been a real blessing to be able to be used by God.Besides that i have been actively involve in creative arts ministry which evangelises through dance and drama.

So i challenge u today to open your eyes and remove the scales in your eyes to look at things in a new perspective.From God's perspective.

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