Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mission conference day2

What a great job the creative arts team did.SALVATION!
Creative arts has many sub groups such as dance,media,drama etc.BUt this was done by the interior design group.well done!Thos my camera couldnt show the shadow effects,it still looks great on the stage.Human size letters..hahah

Today was really great as different missionaries were sharing their experiences and how they realise how mission is so important.and guess what, they were saying the same things as i have posted on this blog, the same message that convicted me, it was the same thing they said up there that has always been on my previous posts.It is simply a confirmation to me.It is great to know people who share the same perspective.

you know, if a person does not realise he is sick, he wont go to the doctor am i right?obviously yes.but the thing is people nowadays dont know how "sick" or corrupted the country is.People just fail to see the poverty, fail to see the needs.They do not realise the need thats why the dont go to the "doctor".The doctor in this case is of course God.The thing is they defend themselves but it is of no use.because one day, the sickness will just get worst and worst.It is untill we realise the need,it is untill then only will we realise how important God is.It is through the darkness will the light be shone.but if u try to cover up things and not realise the darkness prevailing, how then can u see the importance of light.

It was also interesting when the bible said about people who have lived in darkness all their life do not like the light.They prefer the darkness because they are born of sin.The light however reveals all truth which is why some people cannot take it.BUt for those who accepts it and believes it, they will be set free.This was never so real to me until lately.I realise how people have eyes but do not see, have ears but do not hear.

It was amazing too when i saw the video of muslim converts.They do all their rituals the same just that instead of the quran on the floor,they have the bible.and they have the arabic sound for the verse cool....cross-cultural missions!

it also talked about how some churches do mission trips to another christian comunity..haha it sounds wierd but hey it is not wrong.but what about those who never heard the gospel before?the 10 40 window.what about them?....what about them?

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