Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Talented but useless

Life.The state in which we are in while we are reading this.Like it or not, life is something we all possess.What we do with it is what counts. It is like the brain.We wont be rewarded for having it, but for USING it.

So today i was in history class when the teacher went round asking if they are taking up history next year...some said yes and some said no..the teacher just went..."oh".....then when she came to my turn...i said "no".she stood for a moment and stared at me as if i was a ghost or something.she took one long gasp and everyone in class turned to me. lnot turning my head, my eye balls started looking left and right, having an awkward feeling. she asked with a bewildered face "whyy?". I know it must hv been hard for her as i hv been getting A and A+..not that i wanted to...it was just God's blessing.So i replied "erm...cuz im doin physics,chemistry,specialist,methods and...." "a language!",she said."erm yea..." i said with an apologetic look.Then she gave the oh-wells-what-can-i-do look and said in a whisper "smart boy" before moving to the next person.

Then came lunch time when we played soccer...and i scored another bicycle kick goal. For those people who dont know what a bicycle kick is, here is your 1st football lesson, watch this video to find out what a bicycle kick is.

I love doing this cuz its acrobatic and not many people can do it...ahhaah and its nice to watch too.

Suddenly i recalled how i got myself into acrobatics.hahah i was in the school gymnastic team at one point.that was during primary school. I remembered doing lots of cartwheels,head stands and flipping.haha Then i remembered how my dad once told me "how can u be a gymnast and footballer at the same time?" I guess that was part of the reason why i had to choose football instead of gymnastics.Well i never did regret that decision.haha but hey, i have learned how to intergrate soccer and acrobatics...

Sometimes i do wonder why i am blessed with so many talents yet i am not gratefull as i should be.What can i do with all these talents?What can i do? Sometimes i feel so usefull yet useless.It is one of those ironies that i have lived with.I always wanted to channel my talents to change the world.But little did i know that these talents are just nothing without God.It is God that is the one my hope should depend on.no wonder all this while i was not contented.No wonder i never felt usefull.It was becuz i placed my hope on talents i have and not on the one who blessed me with it.

God, I am sorry for being blinded all this while, help me.I wish and hope for you to use me to change the world.But before that use me to change my country.BUt before you change my country, first change my city.Before you change my city, first change my church.Before you change my church,first change my family,before you change my family, change me oh God, change my heart...Then only will I change my family,then my church, then my city,then my country and then the world.....

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