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A research was conducted to investigate the wierd and unpredictable nature of a particular species.One research in particular that caught my attention was this individual organism.Report goes as follows:

Species : HOMO-sapien
Name : Sean
Born : 13 June 1988
Sex : Male not yet
Religion : none
Lifestyle : Christian

Method :

1) several investigations were conducted and characteristics were spied upon
2)information gathered from friends and family
3)interview conducted to make sure of parallel connections to facts.
4) all data were recorded by tape and written down later


Dota ( online game)
found responding to it very often.
Advantages :He finds joy in making pros look like noobs.
Disadvantages : Time consumption

Advantages : capable of playing with both hands and feet
Disadvantages : often injuries in joints and at times dislocation of bones

Dance (popping)
Advantages : ability to isolate and control individual muscles in most of the upper body
Disadvantages : makes a retard look good

Chess (board game)
Advantages :-a source of confidence through winning competitions
- gains and expands logical reasoning
Disadvantages : Nerd

Advantages : Sets high standards
Disadvantages : always found disappointed with results

Advantages : relatively good command of english
Disadvantages : Spelling

Advantages :- ability to adapt to any environment
- ability to sleep on any surface (hard or soft)
- ability to eat a large variety of food
-sensitive to situations and customs
Disadvantages :Multiple personalities

Advantages : sound knowledge of the bible
Disadvantages :none -*the disadvantages becomes God's advantage

Discussion :

Results are inconclusive and are subject to a certain period of time.Results and response may alter over time. HOMO-sapiens are prone to change in characteristics due to experiences and randomness.Male HOMO-sapiens as studied above are more predictable in comparison to females.As females tend to contain more random responses and are highly unpredictable.Legend has it that females were once predictable but the thought of it will remain a fantasy to many.

Conclusion :

Subject seemed to respond well and results are accurate to date of report.It is however subjected to change over time.Any errors in report should be reported to the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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_uniki said...

Your silly! females are unpredictable because your silly and cant predict them (they might be more advanced than you).

your a nerd.