Friday, September 07, 2007


I went to bed last night pondering on my Christian walk.I havent been moving forward lately. all i have done is maintained myself from where i was.I needed to keep on moving and i knew studies had been the main distracting factor.I prayed a prayer "GOd bring me closer". and i slept.

Woke up at 5am..had to be in school for a SAC at 7.30.I was driving in the wee hours of the morning.After exiting the garage, i drove for 1km and all of a sudden the radio was not working.There was no cd or tapes.It was silence.I tried fumbling around with the radio..this is wierd.It never happenned before.The time shown on the radio was was still on..even the channel showed 101.9.but no sound was coming out.As far as my knowledge of electrical components was concerned...there was no way i could explain this.

Then i thought about it that moment.I smiled."hi God...its been awhile" was my reply.I recognised that instant that God was trying to speak to me.It was great..i poured my hearts was refreshing.THe next moment, words just started flowing out of my mouth, before i realised what was happening, i was singing a song...a song ive never heard of.NOw i know what it meant in the bible when it says "out of the innermost belly the mouth speaks".I found myself singing praises...singing new songs....just ...just amazing.

I reached school all refreshed. thats not the end of it.After school, i got into my car..started the engine and the radio was working again.Coincidence? i think not!

Thank you God.I needed that.

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