Saturday, September 29, 2007


how was conference? are u kidding? it shouldnt even be a question.
i have been to many many many many conferences my entire life....and i dare say this is the best conference ive been too. there may not be a crowd.but it was personal~! and thats wat makes it youth camps...its personal.
This is the 1st time we have 3 foreign speakers and all 3 of them are awesomely awesome.and ive received so much over the past few days.Ive never ever been to a conference which i was able to absorb such an extensive amount.The amount of information,amount of passion..amount of joy, boy....juz love it.
u noe wat, i cant really put to words how i feel right now....haha its just "WOW"....i dunno how to say more than that.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~! 5 mins, im able to get 3 prophecies from 3 different powerful influential speakers...ahhhaha now where can u ever get that....

im not scared of VCE now...=p cuz whatever the result is...GOd will still fulfill his promises somehow.~!

THERE IS MORE TO LIFE~! and you know it!

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_uniki said...

i know it!
wahahahaha! rockin rowville mann!