Friday, September 21, 2007


i should be saddened by my UMAt results... but the funny thing is....I'm NOt~! to be actually having a blast~! hahaha....
WOO~! love life...all the ups and downs....and this is probably the 1st time im enjoying the downside of life....what an irony

Looking at hindsight, i realized the one thing i achieved this year and to be proud the ability to celebrate in the worst moments of life.Gone were the days of depression ...ahahha woo~!
KNow what...i may not have been achieving the goals ive set bUt what i did achieve is something more than that...which is the refining of ones character...

I have grown alot this year and i dont plan to stop here.Remember how Paul in the bible tried every way he could think of to spread the gospel? God just put road blocks along the way to make sure he goes the right way.BUt the important thing here is that he tried. and when someone turn him down..he tried somewhere else.

See, God's will in our life is vague at times.So I find myself trying and trying different areas...and hopefully GOd will put road blocks to show me the right way.To direct me to the course that fulfills the big plan? Im not even sure what im gonna do in uni...

BUt....LIfe's awesome~!

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