Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time machine

So by now most of you who know me well enough would know that i have an extraordinary piece of memory.A brain capable of remembering events long time ago in detail.Such has been much of a help in recollecting and reliving memories through pieces of writings.given time, i can tell you in detail how the 1st timei met u was like.hmmm .... because of such abililities i could remember stuffs that would pull me thru my hardest struggles and also stuff that could bring me down to an endless pit. Yes, life has its ups and downs....and allof it i have in mind a precise timeline of the events...
FOrgive and forget was never my motto...nor could i even carry it out....yes,...i can forgive...but to forget....its is as if u r asking a bird not to fly when it was meant to right from birth.... it has its pros and cons....on one hand you learn from the lessons of life....not during those moments but instead in hindsight of it, u learn even more.....18 and a half years has been a short period of time but if you could relive each event and learn different lessons from it ....its worth a thousand years of experience.....On the other hand....what good does it do to remember my darkest part of my past, the part i could not seperate even if i wanted to.
Ever pondered what you would do if you had a time machine?To be honest i have, and i bet many of you did too.I could do so many things with a time machine.....rewind back time and i can undo the mistakes i did, eliminate the humiliation ...and live a perfect life....even einstein, a great scientist was looking into the possibility of it....making time relative to actions.....stephen hawkins is no different.But what is it that we can do in the past to make things better?Nothing. WE are who we are today because of what happened in the past. Maturing far beyond a simple 18 year old, i see life from a different angle.An angle only few have seen...Nothing i can do to change the past...and even if there was such a process of entering the past, i will not alter one bit of it.Because i know that God brings out the good out of evil....He brings joy out of sadness....He brings peace out of chaos.Everything that happened was to make me who i am today.
Easy to say but sometimes we hope for the impossible,believing the unrealistic just in order to fulfill our own selfish desires...Everyone wants to do everything right...but we forget that we cant. We all want to be recognised by people......but you will reach a point when u want less publicity and more time for yourself.It just goes round in a circle...Nothing seems to end...but let it start today, remove the scales of depression from your eyes....because

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