Sunday, November 19, 2006

an influence

What makes a person a person?What is it that defines who we are?is it our actions?what we do? or is it juz who we are?Remember those times when we were lil kids...we use to juz make friends with whoever we know?they dont have status or whatsoever...yet we juz willingly play with them.We made friends with almost every kid we meet....though we may not have been fluent in english....we did enough by juz asking .."can u be my friend?"....and whenever lil kids have a fight...they always end up sayin "i don wanna friend you".....wasnt it just cute during those days of our lives? when no status,no barriers could hold us back from accepting people as just who they are.... just as who they are...

What about now>?why is it that when we get older....we resort into choosing our own friends instead?we devide people up into different groups....the nerds hang out together....the sports guys hang out at one corner and the :cool" ones at another corner...What about those days when there was no seperation between people?what about those days when we could just accept one another as just who they are?When lil kids fight....they fight today and tomorrow they forget and just be friends again.I remember having bloody fights when i was young....yea literally bloody but hey we still be friendsagain the next day and then later fight again...then friends again....haha come to think of it...i reckon its unique...hahah

So where does this all division among people come from? Parents!Adults! yeap....werent they the ones who told u to "choose your friends wisely" "dont mix with the wrong group of people" and the bible too.,..when it says in proverbs "he who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm" So why are parents so concern about our friends? it is because they have seen over the years how mixing with the wrong group juz destroys every potential in you.and its true.someone once said "show me your friends, and i can tell you your future"..a very true statement to the core if u think about it.most of us are who we are today because of the friends around us. you see an emo...and u know what friends he has been hanging out with....u see a gangster and u know the friends he hanged out with....anything or everything u see is dependable or consequential of our actions.

So where am i getting at?The simple reason why friends either destroy or build u up simply depend on your level of influence.if u join a group and see how different u have become compared to before u join...then u would know if they had build u up or tear u down...but if u were to take another step further ....instead of bein influenced by them....and be a stronger influence...then that is what i call a breaktrough. david wilkison went to the gangsters to reach out to them...he had a greater influence..far beyond the gangsters influence....

what happens if you put salt into an orange juice?the orange juice becomes now..think about it....why did the orange juice become salty? WHy diddnt the sweetness of the orange overcome the saltiness?even though there was a lesser amount of salt...the juice still became salty.A simple conclusion would be that the salt is more influential that the sweetness in the orange juice. So no matter how big your group of friends your way up to become the influence itself!

just an interesting note: look at your own group of friends and see if u can find the one who has been the greatest influence all this can be :
1) when he/she makes a decision the majority agrees
2) he/she would stand up for u guys if there was any problem

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