Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bye 2008

The young and futile mind would revolve around materialism, money and popularity. Why? Have we ever wondered why? Have we ever considered or thought of why do we want so badly for people around to notice us? Why do we care about what people might think of us? Everyone, unless you live in your own denial, does to a certain extend care about what others may think of them, hence the dressing, the character, the outlook appearance.

But having achieved all these by the age of 20(too a certain extend that is), helps me cherish this Christmas all the more. I realize that this Christmas, I wasnt looking forward to gifts or presents but more so I looked forward to cards and wishes and company. I diddnt need people to buy me things, I could buy them on my own. I didnt need more money, I have more than what I need. I diddnt need to be more popular, I have a wide enough circle of friends. But one thing I cherished most this Christmas, were words of encouragement, Christmas cards written, letters, sms, e-mails. Those are the stuff I cant buy with my own money, those are the things earned from every drop of sweat this year.And some come undeservingly. 

I realize the gift I had this year was not something that was tangible but rather a character that would last a long time...

Thanks 2008.

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_uniki said...

Oh! and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

hope you had a great 08 (it rhymes!) and perhaps 09 will cross our paths so we can be friends again! ;)

otherwise, it was good while it lasted! wahaha!

Hold on! Rock on!
Love ya bud!