Sunday, September 03, 2006

Busy Busy

well what do you busy was last week omg. I can barely hold up my eyelids..i need sleep!ok besides the massive amount of practices, we had our dance audition yesterday...and guess what,..we came out top! haha cool eh? i guess maybe it had something to do with us being the only group?hahaha woot. anyway we passed the audition and will be headin for jumpstart in few weeks time.besides the fact of aileen freaking out before the dance.....everything went well....tho not the best but good enough...=)

ok then it was youth alive EXO day where 12000 youth all over melbourne meet at rod laver stadium just to worship God! amazin!it was an overwhelming sight to see people just lifting their hands up and in your heart you just feel the connection between them.gosh 12000 hands in the air.Reggie debbs was cool too...US no.1 why not?and then half way thru i felt i went out to get chips....then i met matt pastor and we went round to find the shop.Then all of a random girl comes up to me...smiles...and gives me a hug....haha how random is that? and then later this white boy come up and thinks i am a japanese or something.......maybe becuz of my spiked half-blonde hair....but said random stuff only matt would know...ahha too random to be typed here.....

Overall youth alive was great and all but i was down with fever the whole i diddnt quite enjoy it to the fullest.still thought Reggie should have spoken his preaching....and oh ya not forgetting the most important part....3000 people got saved that amazing is that?never seen so many saved at once before......amazing amazing.... so i got back at nearly 1am and had to wake up at 7.45 cuz i need to be in church early cuz we were dancing for fathers day.

it was a good performance i guess with everyone complimenting it in the end.....well it was a great day catching up with people and all.... and for the girl who hugged me...i'll remember her for a long long time...hahah whoever she

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