Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is God deaf?

what if i were to say GOD IS DEAF. heard me...what if i say that God is deaf....whatever words you speak...whatever words you say ...God wont understand .What if i were to go further and say that God does not understand different languages.hmmm? now you must be thinking im out of my mind...

Well the truth some extend its true.why? because God only hears the heart...not the words out of our mouth. It does not mean that a person who talks the most out loud will be heard by God.IT is the person who means it from his heart...and through his heart...God sees it. YOu matter what we say is for a purpose of communication with your own species...humans....and humans speak different languages(complicated spiecies) languages were then meant for us to communicate among propose a thought to let others know what you want them to know....but with God...God sees your heart

It is the same with prophecies.....God impresses upon a persons heart...and through that...the man interprets it into words for others to hear.It is always the heart.

So knowing this, we realise that when we pray for someone or must be fromk the heart itself and not mere words. because words can be made up anytime without even meaning it.It is because God sees the heart that is even why mute people are able to communicate with God.

So then ...what exactly is the heart? is it the one that is beating now?the one pumping blood to your entire system?haha it would be funny because if Jesus is in my heart, then by doing a surgery, u can find Jesus...ahah so why do people pray and put their hands at the heart .? ahah beats me...symbolic i guess....

So the heart is actually the centre of your body....only slightly placed towards your left....not it is really about in the middle of ur body....ok....not only the placement of it, but also the function of it is the main source why you are living...

So when we ask Jesus to come into our heart...we are not literally asking him to come into our body...aahha but we are now having Jesus as the center of our life....our life revolves around HIm not vice versa. HE is now the main source why we are living .....

so to summarize the whole thing
1) God listens to your heart
2)Jesus is the center of our life (heart)


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