Thursday, September 07, 2006


haha guess what peeps, believe it or not i was in a marching team which won the most awards in my school e.g school sprts day and curiculum days.can u find me in the photo?haha its bottom row..5th from left..Well let me begin my life as a st.john memeber....

once upon a a land far far away,...okok cut the crap... hmm i was in standard 4 (equivalent to year 4)...i was in the tae kwan do unit...hahah after few weeks i gave up...then went to st.john. For those of you who dont know, we malaysians have to pick one uniform unit, one sports/games, and one club. It is a must.So every saturday we had to go to school for these activities....

by form 1 (year 7) ...we moved into another school where i selected my clubs and units
1. uniform unit = St.JOhn
2. Sports/games = chess
3. club = Literature drama and dance/ interact club

So yea...this was my secondary school life on saturdays...So lets single out st.john for the moment.I started in form 1 as a form 2(year 8) i took my first aid test which i had to pass to remain in the cadet.Form 3( year9) i begin to be actively involve.I remember walking around the city collecting donations.....being on duty for different sports...
form4 (year10) we were seniors and were training junors by then....i would talk about the training in a minute.... form 5(year11) we finally had our ranks....we took a test and out of the whole cadet we could only have one seargent, 4 corperals and 8 lance corperals. I got a lance corperal which was good enough...

So anyway the training we had every saturday was to run 7 laps around the field.... which is 7x400 =2800m ......yea we run 2.8 km every week...after that we did 100 situps and 100 push ups.......these figures are however the minimum..... most of the times it is more thatn that (including random punishments given)...... we trained hard to be the best in the school which we were and diddnt want to let the standard drop.

The awards we won were simply uncountable i dare say that we won 90% of the trophies.....marching was our main strgth i guess.... I remember being a lance corperal shouting orders till i had no more voice...hahah..

so anyway......anyone wanna march?hahah
This was taken after we were competing in the NGO competition.... guess which one is me...hahha
answer= 2nd from left

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