Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is God trying to tell me something?

ok last night was a bad night...i did my chem report until 2am and guess what, after i saved it, the comp hang...i had to restart and i tried opening the file and now it says the file is corrupted...man....so i had little amount of sleep for nothing! arrrggghhh

Anyway on the way back from school i was trying to dissapear a 50 cent coin.....and oops...i dropped it down the car seat.It was tough to bend down and find it so i took the 1 dollar coin and practice with it.....and 3 mins later i dropped that coin down the seat again....ok so after we reached home, i looked under the seat and searched for the 2 missing coins and guess what...until now i still cant find it!hahaha guessed I really did make it dissapear....at the expense of $1.50 ahahah..... man i could have bought some lollies with it....

So anyway just awhile ago someone called up and the conversation went like this..
-----sister comes in my room handing me the house phone------
Me :HEllo?
Aunty :hey this is aunty XXX
Me :oh hi aunty
Aunty :oh i just wanted to tell your parents this but your parents are not in...
Me :oh ok..
Aunty :(sounded muffled)I just wanted to say you have been brought up really well by your parents
Me :er...sorry can you say it again...
Aunty :oh I just wanted to say you have been brought up really well by your parents
Me :oh..hahah thank you....
Aunty :yea, because that day as i was walking towards the library a group of you came out and you were the only one who greeted me, i find that a very good example especially for us as asians......

--------cut short the elaboration----------------

Me :oh haha yea it is just a form of respect...hahah
Aunty :yea so i just wanted to tell your parents that.
Me :oh thanks aunty
Aunty :yea you have a good rest
Me :haha sure..you too...

hmmm and i begin to wonder why would someone just call just to say that?hahaha randoms?well i had too many randoms in one week and on both occasions it made me smile...on both occasions it was at night....about the same time(9.30 pm).........maybe God is trying to tell me something....hmmmm or i am just too dense to figure it out.....

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