Sunday, September 10, 2006

Virtual world

Sometimes as i look around me, i wonder what if everything around me wasnt real.What if everything i see around me only exist virtually.It would be like me being in a virtual reality game where i am the only real thing around.What if...what if...
I may sound crazy now but what if it is so?That everything around me is not real ,existing only virtually just as a test for us to see if we can go on to the "next stage".what if even our parents, friends, relatives or even me were programmed to act the way the should act and that everything happens just because it is programmed to do so.So in that case, everything happens in the end is just to see how you would react to things around yourself.
So take for example a friend who just hurt you so badly.What if it happened because God wanted her to do that to you?What if God just wanted to see how you would react to it?Come to think of it, i guess Job did come to this stage where everything was merely existing primarily to test him.It is an interesting thought i had for years...what if everything was not real..or maybe it was all this while?

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