Monday, October 01, 2007

The toy car

I had left my toys behind.Some had been thrown away,some given to others and some couldnt be found.I found myself looking from afar admiring a slick black toy car.It was far beyond my reach.I know I would never have that.Some toys are just out of bounds for me.Even toys have been biasly priced to divide the rich and the poor. I looked up to dad and said "I know it is impossible ,but if there is anything I want that would make me happy, I would only wish for you to give me that toy car". In my mind i knew it was impossible.Dad kept quiet. Few months past, I read up magazines and manuals about the car and I found it to be flawless.It was the perfect deal and it was definitely in demand.Suddenly Dad came to my room...with a box,in there...was the car i had longed for.Something I would have never dreamed of.I took care of it,polished it and did my very best to preserve it.

MOnths past and I found the toy car to be not as perfect as it seemed.I found flaws.Soon the car was worn out and I could not play with it anymore.I sought other options.I went back to the same supermarket and had another look around.There ,2 toy cars caught my eye. I diddnt know which one to pick. both had their own advantages.both were in demand and had only 1 left of each in stock.if i did not make up my mind fast enough, both toy cars would be gone.I couldnt make up my mind, I went back to dad.Dad looked me in the eye and asked what happened to the car he bought a few months ago."it isnt working" i replied.

Dad looked deep into me and said "be patient my son, put your trust in me, I am making a toy car that will be suitable for you.I know your character,Ive seen you grown I know what you like.Some toys may seem perfect to you out there because people advertise it but because I know you by heart, I know what kind of toy cars you like.In time, I will hand it to you.For now, I am still working on it.Be patient."

I looked back with a teary eye and said " I have nothing to play with now....It is hard to wait.....but I trust you"


_uniki said...

haha! sweet!

Seany said...

=) couldnt think of any better analogy =)