Monday, October 08, 2007

Back again

I gripped the steering wheel.Both hands were parallel to each other.Veins could be seen petruding out of my hands.I had my eyes focussed on the road.I could feel my sweat tingling around my eyelids but I remained focus.My left foot was balancing the clutch with my right foot on the accelerator.I was ready.Any time now...3...2...1....GREEN!

i sped off from the traffic light with my accelerator pressed towards the floor...the car was moving at top speed.Then came a T-junction.I didnt know which to choose.I couldnt decide.I stopped.I looked to my left...then to my right...Both seemed right to me but for some reason i went left.Later on down the road i realised that turning right wasnt that good afterall.I dunno why...maybe it was my gutt feeling that told me to turn left and I just went along with it.JOurney down the left road from then on was fun and exciting for the first few moments of driving.I enjoyed the scenery.I even stopped by some places.I spent quite an enormous amount of effort on that road.It was fun.But soon I came to a cross junction.

I could go straight and continue on the same road or i could make a left or a right.I looked to my left.I looked to my right.I looked straight gutt feeling wasnt there to help me this time.I got out of my car and stood at the intersection.I waited for quite sometime and still couldnt make up my mind. i shouted to the right.nothing. i shouted ahead.nothing.I shouted to the left.I could hear a faint sound.probably it was my echo.but heck at least its something. I got back into the car and turned left.

It was a short journey.I diddnt noe if i enjoyed it.there was nothing much to see.nothing much to look around.probably that sound i heard was my own echo after all.i thought of making a U-turn.BUt i went on the road in hope that something out of the ordinary would happen.Time passed and nothing ever did.I started thinking to myself.Maybe this is the wrong turn.maybe I am just wasting my petrol but if I turn back, I would be doing double the trip and that would be even worse.I turned on the radio and it was not long before I saw a left turn.

It was a detour! Without having a second thought i took the turn.The road looked familiar. now.wait.I know this road.Wait.Isnt cant be..then there was the traffic light...again. 3 left turns brings you back to the same place. ANd now here I am at the traffic light.back to where I started.

*if u understand...good on you. dont bother asking me to explain my analogies cuz theres a reason why its told that way =p*

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