Monday, October 22, 2007


If u ever see me and I didnt stop to say hi....or maybe I ignored your greet, its not becuz im ignoring becuz the pressure of VCE is consuming me... If you think im acting a lil different lately...i hope you understand...If i dun socialize or mix around much..I hope you understand....
If i diddnt give enough attention to anyone in particular...Im sorry.

If you see me online and raging at every minor thing.I hope you understand....Give me one month, when all this is finished, ill be back to my old Ill be better than who i was.Give me time.Dont get offended by my unconscious ignorance.Dont misunderstand.

1 comment:

_uniki said...

thats a rediculous excuse! you cant write this and expect it to be a disclaimer for every careless thing you say or do, *shrugs, but its heads up.

mmm, wahaha, and here i was thinkin you wouldnt be so consumed, no worries, gotta start prayin for you crazy yr 12s. rest assured, tonight, you have a team prayin prayin for ya's all!