Thursday, October 04, 2007


Have you ever had a dream, and you woke up still thinking about it? It was one of those moments when I could just recall the teachers that God had put into my life to educate me to what I am this very day.In my dream I could remember kindergarten and primary school teacher's names, I could recall their characteristics, Their actions and there is always a moment of them that was captured in the memory bank that you could replay over and over.

I wonder what could I say to them if i met them now?
maybe to my kindergarten teacher it would be..
" You would know me as pas.kelvin's eldest son.I was your student from 1992 to 1994.I remember having different roles in your concert production.One of the most fond memory i had was being a prince and dancing with a princess only to twirl the princess to the ground..ahah i was probably a really bad dancer."

man that just reminded me....her name was Esther i think.and that was the last time i saw her.I dont know if its even possible to find out what she's doing now.It'll be interesting.

aaaah~! i feel the need of catching up with people that I havent met for more than 10 years.

to my primary school teachers i will probably be...
"hey , you might not remember me very well since you might have thought 100 over students but I was one of those student who sought after attention.You only can get attention if you're very smart or if you're a pest.Well I was probably top 10 in school but was never really the best so i resorted to being a pest.=)It was a good thing I diddnt kill anyone at that point of time..ahah."

If i ever go back to mission would be finding my kindergarten and primary school teacher's e-mail.

God bless all the teachers~!

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_uniki said...

God bless all the teachers~!
God bless all teachers!
God bless all the future teachers!