Thursday, October 18, 2007


The felony of society is not the various physical crimes committed by man but simply the undercurrent assault we tend to shoot unconsciously due to how we have been culturally brought up. Culture is something no one is exempted from.The question is are we here to break another culture in an effort to impose what we think is culturally right?Are we here to impose a so called biblical culture at the expense of introducing Jesus to them?My point is.... sometimes we get too consumed in trying to change another culture and miss the whole point of reaching out. What irks me deeply is the fact that people around the world are not divided by materialism or purpose but simply by our views about others.

Unconsciously we tend to generalize people into groups.Mostly according to their birth place and at times skin colour.The devastating effect has now evolved into a culture itself where we generalise groups of people and derogate a certain level of respect from them.If there is something I cant stand, it would be the prejudices of society.I really dont need to give examples because you would be able to see it happen everyday.Just open your eyes.

Sometimes we criticize another culture of being morally wrong.Sometimes we find ourselves saying "look at THESE people ..the way they behave..".We tend to generalize a whole lot of people.I know for a fact that maybe....just maybe for the sake of argument that the majority behaves this way BUT I believe that not all of them are like that.They are still human beings just brought up differently from us.

Even at church.People backslide because someone had been betrayed/back stabbed or whatever the reason is.. But we fail to see that even if someone else does not behave the way he should, it does not remove your own accountability with God.How silly would it be when you meet God and told him" I did not believe you because of him".Grow up!

I admit that I had a prejudice mindset....unconsciously.... but now I'm developing a hatred for it.I dont believe people's attitudes should be assumed from the race or skin colour that they were born with.I believe in individuality where everyone is unique.

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