Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Take me away

WHat i want to do after VCE? get out.

Away from everything close to me at the moment.

Away from my thoughts.

Away from people I know.

I want to do something different.Something meaningful.

I want to go into jungles, cut bushes, set up tents and preach

I want to bathe in rivers.

Get a diving license.

Make friends with those the world neglects

Make friends with prostitutes,gays, lesbians, criminals, sinners

I dont want to bring them to church but to bring the church to them

I want to be used to raise the dead,heal the sick, cause the lame to walk, blind to see

I dont want an average christian life.GOd forbid it.

I want to be different.unique.

I will get criticized and my motives questioned but I dont care what others think anymore.

oh.Send me doors. Take me away.


Shannon said...

bro, i once had the same prayer... it aint going to be easy... once u made it,( i am sure u are aware of it too) life is going to be more than just roller coasters... its going to a tough real tough but definitely a God-pleasing and fulfilling one...

=) enjoy ur journey....

Anonymous said...

njoy your journey!
why would you want to get away from people you know? and your thoughts?
would it be any easier? if so, why?

Seany said...

I know its going to be hard.but its worth it.I wouldnt find anything more satisfying than to achieve them.

Why would I wanna get away from people I know?
Its not literal but its more like I want to get away from the familiar into a place of obscurity.

p.s twins praying the same prayer too?lol

_uniki said...

sounds like a plan!
as long as it's God's, no worries!

Shannon said...

say twin d lo....mmm.... u better be careful...cause i might know what u are thinking...muahaha...

jk la...but its scary wei cause on the other hand ...u might know what i am thinking...haha

Anonymous said...

Why do u always say spritual stuff?

Seany said...

good question.

hmmm let me put it this way.
i can show u an apple and explain to you why it taste so good. I can explain logically in detail how the acidic taste of the apple would be tasty on your tongue.

Or I can just ask you to eat the apple and let you tell me how it taste like.

My point have a choice.
If u want, I can tell you why I'm so into this whole "God" thing.I can lay down logical arguments and insists on my case

or you can just experience it personally for yourself and then you will know why im crazy for it.

It is one thing to be interested in it and another to be open to it.

I hope you get to experience it =)
Give it a try.
you never know what the apple taste like until u eat it~!

Anonymous said...

lol.. wanna make friends with homosexuals?? Go to online chatrooms.. Then wave ur magic preacher words.. and wahlah!!

Seanyz said...

I guess u meant it for sarcasm but I dont believe people should be discriminated just because they are confused. everyone deserves to have a friend and I am sure you would know there is nothing worse than being alone in a crowd of people.

Anonymous said...

No it's not a joke or anything!! I know homosexuals have lost touch of reality and need a change in life but somehow scared to make this step of change! I understand what ur saying.. They are just confused human beings and someone should be looking out for them!

Seany said...

haha...great to noe u have the same mindset~! wish others would be able to accept them...but again...its only a wish....think our society is still far from it.