Tuesday, October 23, 2007

silver coins

i had 2 silver coins in my pocket.I stared at the silver coins that laid on top of each other within my palm.I reflected back memories of how i had spent my own money in the past.Some were worth the bargain...some were not.As I looked up, i saw rows and rows of candies.There was one which I had my eyes on.It was a chocolate bar,coated beautifully and was shaped like a bunny.I could afford it.I had enough.I knew if I gave up these coins, I would get that in return.That was definite. BUt i held it back.I dont know why.

Few months passed, And i got back to the candy shop. I began to search for the candy again.I couldnt find it! I began searching more franticly.I asked the shop keeper. He walked down the aisle and took out a wrapping. It was the chocolate bar.I couldnt find it before because it wasnt recognizable.Its different now.Few months ago I thought it looked fine.BUt now it looked different.It diddnt look tasty anymore.Maybe its the new wrapping the company made.

Im glad I kept my silver coins.Its all i have left.I may not know why I held it back but Im thankful for it.

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