Friday, October 12, 2007

The challenge

HOw this year went for me....

I looked at her and pondered about it.It took weeks for me to decide.THen i looked at her again.YEs. Ive decided.Its her that I want!

I remember enjoying what she has to offer.she was interesting...and challenging.I like challenges.BUt little did I know how challenging the challenge really was.I worked hard at it, I put all my effort into it.I thought that if I could get her, I would be proud of my achievement, surely I would be regarded highly.BUt it wasnt that easy.After all the hard work and effort put in....I failed on the 1st attempt.

That happened at the beginning of the year.After that failure, I never really put any effort into it.I diddnt know if I should try again.I failed over and over again.I got depressed.I thought I had it in me. I thought I was good enough for her....or so i thought.Is it even worth my effort to try again?She was playing hard to get.

I later learned that many have failed to get her in the past too.

It was only last month I decided that I was not going to concede defeat.The last failure I had showed a glimmer of hope.There was a chance I thought.I could see the door was left slightly ajar and I was ready to charge in.I would take every opportunity.

I began to build up my courage and started putting effort into it once again.

And 1 month later(today).....I have her!

I know by now u will be asking who is this girl.hahaa

And because im in a good mood im going to tell you...

Its...its....Specialist maths!

haha! sorry to mislead u guys

what actually happened?

well ive been failing my specialist maths the whole year which is below 40%
after failing my first test, i actually gave up.
Then i started working at it last month and from 30+ all i had a 70%!
A jump of 40% with 1 month worth of effort...ghaha
hopefully it has the same jump for the end year exams!
the story was actually the same as the above. Just replace the "she/her" with "specialist math" and you'll get the idea.


Shannon said...

i wasnt fooled by ur using of "her" lo... lol...

thats what u get when u do ur homework and extra... moral of the story,dont be malas d...haha... DO UR WORK!!!

anyway, congrats wei... very very good improvement... i have to catch up d...

Seany said...

actually i did my homework thats y i failed the 1st time...

then i stopped homework and just worked where im weak at....

teacher gets annoyed at me not doing hw but finally i get the result! haha

actually i never did homeworks since primary school...just that when i came into year 12 i tot i might as well start...but i stoped after 2 months hahaha

Shannon said...

u know what...i think we missed out someOne very important... i think God deserves all the glory for creating u with brains that are good in agree...if not how u get good results??? hehe...

_uniki said...

...your in love with your specialist teacher?!??

im not all that impressed, never was a fan of teacher-student relationships....sim, im disqusted!

Seany said...


thats what u get for reading childrens story books more than adult books =p

i said to replace the she/her with the word specialist math...not teacher..

newaiz its digusting~! dun wan to even think of student teacher relationships.

Seany said...

and to my twin sista....of cuz i thank God for it =)

haha hey maybe we'll end up under the same missions umbrella next time lol