Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010- jubilani ball

Talk of the year... the controversial Jabulani Ball..


8 bonded 3d moulded Polyurethane panels make for a near-waterproof 'roundest ever' ball.

Yes, it has been controversial at the way the ball flies in the air...why?
Well it follows the FIFA standards in terms of size, weight, water absorption,etc ...no doubt.
But regular soccer balls are built with 32 hexagonal panels but this jabulani ball has only 8 panels! This gives a very smooth flight. On top of it , it is also a very heavy ball (still within FIFA standards range.

It supposedly gives more accuracy to players.
But looking at the way the Jabulani has been flying around, most of the professional players arent able to accomate the "roundest" ball on earth and accounts to the level of football deteriorating this season.

Have a look at how smooth this Jabulani ball is..

Here is what some has to say about the ball....

'It is a bit like a beach ball. You cannot trust it really. With some of the goals you set the ball going off in one direction and it moves in another. As soon as you put any air into a pass it's a lottery.'
England's Michael Carrick

'It's frustrating…it makes us look like drunken sailors.'
Denmark's Daniel Agger

Gianluigi Buffon

'The new ball is not decent, not just for goalkeepers but for everyone. Its trajectory is unpredictable.'
Italy's Gianluigi Buffon (right)

'Suddenly it changes trajectory. It's like it doesn't want to be kicked. It's incredible, like someone is guiding it. You go to kick it and it moves out of the way. I think it's supernatural, it's very bad.'
Brazil's Luis Fabiano

'It's a little sad that in a competition as big as the World Cup to have such a poor ball. It's not just goalkeepers complaining, but the outfield players too.'
Spain's Iker Casillas

'It's a catastrophe! I have played with many different balls, some of which wiggled or changed directions, but this one is the worst.'
Serbia's Vladimir Stojkovic

'You jump up to head a cross and suddenly the ball will move and you will miss it!' Italy's Giampaolo Pazzini

'It keeps you from sleeping because you are thinking about tomorrow and how you are going to manage to play with this ball.'
South Africa's Itumeleng Khune

'Adidas are not being fair on goalkeepers… This ball has a mind of its own.'
South Africa's Moeneeb Josephs

'It's terrible…like a ball from a supermarket.'
Brazil's Julio Cesar

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/worldcup2010/article-1285931/Jamie-Redknapp-goes-ball-istic--I-struck-World-Cup-Jabulani-exploded-boot.html#ixzz0qtH9Fuj0

As for the Socceroos...

The team that trashed Japan 3-1, drew with Coratia 2-2, had Brazil to struggle a 2-0 win and forced Italy into an injury time penalty winner in 2006 has now dissapointed fans with a 4-0 lost to Germany. Question remains...was Germany that good or was Australia just past its peak.
With the defenders averaging the age of 33, it was quite obvious they were slow at reacting to attack and stuggled with pace over the Germans.

Well, no doubt Pim Verbeek had kept his cards and will still have some tricks up his sleeve... With Harry Kewell and Bresciano kept like gold investments, waiting to be unleashed. I would have kept Cahill on the bench for the Germany game as well.. Since Germany was meant to be a loss anyway, why bother risking the good players? Well, Ghana and Serbia, here we come...

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