Friday, June 18, 2010


Remember how I said you can get paid for doing surveys?
Well here is one of it.

My Opinions
Basically You collect up to 6000 points then you can cash out for $50 into your paypal account which is a secure way of transfering into your bank account.
Each Survey varies by points depending on the surveyer in how much they want to pay.
But You can average out that each survey is approximately 500 points which is about $3 or so.
You get a few surveys each week...just do it for fun in your own leisure and after a month you should be able to cash it out!
Note : you have to verify your phone number and mailing address for faster transaction.
Here is the link
Be rewarded for your opinions! Join MyOpinions today!

Valued Opinions
Very Straight forward. for this one.
Each survey, they will let you know how much they are gonna pay you. Range from $2-$5 and once you reach $20 you can claim a coles myer gift card or any gift card of your choice.
Here is the link.
Click here to join Now

If they ask who was your referrer, just state my email, you might get a bonus =)
And try not to cheat, or they might ban you from participating in any further surveys.
Just do it in your leisure time, =)

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