Friday, April 04, 2008

God is great!

wow....what a weeek!!

managing a shop is fun....well, at least its something different for a change..
there's always something new to learn, hence it kills the mundane routine of my job.

something that would be a surprise to some of u ......ive 10 dollars left out of the 190 dollars worth of credit i had....and its 2 more weeks before the billing cycle rolls over. i think i need a higher cap lol.....or the skype phone! i need that freee 4000 minutes a month. bringing my job everywhere i go! enough sean...enough!

well today was funny....we were in the anatomy lab where there were bags of dead ppl....and some parts that were cut up were laying on the table. well....while i was carrying a limb from one place to another....i spilled some fluid that was in the tray holding the limb onto this other girl...ahha.... !!!

well im currently balancing my job and the newly pioneered church....
considering my studies is 5 days a week....and my job is during my breaks.....thats a full day from monday to saturday for me.... i still hv to slot in church into saturday and sunday....and somehow i still manage to slot in dates in bewteen some weekdays. Im just exhausted...i nee a break..but i wont get it... when uni break clicnical placement basically...i have no breaks this year....go sean! u'll make it thru somehow.....

other than has been great.... u noe those times when u go thru the downs of life....there is always a time when it goes up again and u reap the rewards for it? well theres that time now.... but i know tests and struggles would be coming my way again and I dont wanna be to contented in this environment and not be on my guard for the tough times ahead. whatever the situation is, nothing ever changes the fact that God is great and is greatly to be praised!

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cнєяуℓ тєoн said...

mmm finally some updates from you!
you're doing great.. thats good! =]
take care yah.. go sean!!