Thursday, June 04, 2009

Time needs it to build and yet because of it destroys. Careful steps taken yet, got too tangled up. Who am I doing it for...Why am I doing it? I had the right focus but somehow it strayed as suddenly I begin to think I could have gotten more. Emotionally tangled. But I am getting there..
rethink..refocus... forget what I could have...cuz I know He prepares the best and I wouldnt settle for second best. Every step I have taken thus far was all led by Him. I realize how far it has strayed without Him as my focus.
God, take away my distractions. bring me to your solitary place again. Too many pending decisions and I cant decide without your guidance as I will always make wrong decisions without your consultation. Relinquish me from my own captivity and bring me to another level of dependance on you.

13th June nearing and its gonna be time to do some car shopping. By now, after nearly 21 yrs I think I know what cars I dont want. Dont think Im sure I know what car I want God, are you finished with my car yet? when will it be ready?lol..everything is about time isnt it. needs it to build and yet because of it destroys.

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Shannon said...

sometimes the old needs to be destroyed for the new one to be build....

trust Him la... your perfect car will come very soon... LOL

eh... be excited about about ur BIG day can anot... ish.