Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The profiler

The art of studying a person's character, the movements, response, eye contact , posture ,speech and most importantly change in character provides enough information to depict one's character, one's lifestyle, one's weakness, one's strength. It is a personality test , not of verbal or written response in honesty but of unconscious actions.

The more observation time given, the more history there would be to leak out along the way. Picture paints a thousand words, what more if it is live in action. The mistake or rather the weakness of this art is that too much assumption is done on the character of who they will be in the future or potentially be. Mind would start to turn potentiality into something that is certain which is dangerous as we give no room for change. 

This gift was further developed through the game of chess. As prediction of opponents move could be done 8 moves ahead of the opponents mind. Which means, nothing the opponent can do would surprise me in the next 16 steps as I have already seen it coming. 

Guess now it has become apart of me, to discern, predict and anticipate movements and actions of others. The sad part = rarely am I surprised. Why is it sad? surprise is a part of life.

The setback of possessing this ability is that sometimes weakness of another is magnified over strength as more concern is being put in that area. This way, Ill never get to meet my Miss perfect . hahahah. God, 7 more months and I would have faithfully completed my deal =). 

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_uniki said...


Watch yaself buddy, your not THAT good at predicting. Here, I'll show you.

What am i gonna do next?