Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The cup

I gazed thoughtfully at my cup. It was big, glossy on the outside with artistic streaks of lines lined randomly. It was a nice cup, In fact it caught my attention as I walked in the store. I held the cup in my hands, unsure if I should put it back on the shelf. Should I do my shopping 1st and come back later for the cup? Maybe I'll find something better than this....

I inspected the cup thoroughly. It had the potential to hold large amounts of liquids. It was larger at the top in contrast to the base of the cup.It wasnt very stable. But then I ask myself why do i need a new cup? Do i really need it? It looked good on the outside but on the inside...there were stains. Has someone used itbefore? BUt it looked good....maybe I could just buy it and wash it up later. Are the stains permanent? Or can they be removed?

Should I just take the cup and attempt to wash it up? What if the stains dont go? will I still keep it?Will I look for another cup or do I just keep washing it in hope that one day the stain will go.The more i thought about it the longer i was holding the cup. The longer i held the cup, the more people thought it was mine.Should I just put it back and find something cleaner to save me the trouble of washing? Or was I being too fussy?

what do I do?

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